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Return of the Wound Stripe?


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I think much depends on what angle you`re coming from. I imagine a serviceman/woman would like to sport a modern equivalent of the wound stripe - they seemed to be popular in WW1 to judge by how they were made prominent in studio photos. Whether the authorities would be keen is another matter - it might be seen as having a negative influence on morale or recruiting (though I`m not sure it would). I can`t comment on whether an award of some kind to the killed would be appropriate. It`s primarily a concern of their loved ones.

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Something like the Americans' Purple Heart might be appropriate - perhaps just as a ribbon, but you shouldn't be able to get it for cutting your thumb whilst peeling spuds in a war zone, as I believe has happened with the Purple Heart.

Being a lifelong civilian I hesitate to say that medals should be restricted to acts of bravery as it takes more courage than I have even to risk being wounded in action, but I would suggest that it be just a ribbon, or possibly something like the Silver War Badge.


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