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help with medel cards

Guest beno987

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Hi there,

im very new to this and i've just started reserching my great grandad, i think i've found his medel card, there was six on the sheet i downloaded will they all be his?

I know his number was 19538 he was in the kings own royal lanacaster regement, i know he was in the 2nd/5th and he was kia on 2/8/1917 in houplines trench sector.

any help or information would be very much appreciated thanks.




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Guest KevinEndon

Firstly welcome to the forum, hope you get a lot of fun and information from it.

There is only one MIC to your great grandfather which is this one

It say as you correctly put that he was killed in action. He was entitled to the 1914-15 star, War medal and Victory medal. He served in the Royal Lancashire Regiment and was a A/Cpl. (acting corporal) He probably landed in France on the 9th December 1915. (I say probably as these dates are not always 100% spot on)The numbers next to the medals are a ref. to medals rolls which are held at the National Archives in Kew, London.

edit on the rank, cheers Daggers

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Sorry to butt in, but is that not "a/cpl", acting corporal, in the second line of rank, with an asterisk relating to the Victory Medal entry? Do you have details of his burial or other commemoration, which can be found in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website? I am sorry I have not looked it up before starting this. [edit] Corporal is confirmed on the CWGC entry - see link in Kevin's post below this. Dorrit Street, where Cpl Pearson lived, is off Park Road, Toxteth, among others with names of Dickens characters.


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thank you very much, for the medal infomation. as you all seem very knowledgeable,

sorry what was the royal lancs i.e infintry, artillery?

Is there any way or where i would be able to find out where he/his battalion served through the war, was he in any major battles?

as he was killed in the houplines trench sector was he part of the thrid battle of ypres?

sorry also is there any way to find out how he was killed?

edit- i've just found some bits on him






moderator- if im continuing this in the wrong place let me know.

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A quick reply on the regiment: the King's Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster) was an infantry regiment with a history starting in 1680, but with different titles along the way, including 4th Regiment of Foot- a senior status.

The 2/5th Battalion was a Territorial unit formed at Lancaster in September 1914 as a second line to the original 5th. They landed in France in Feb 1917, so perhaps he was transferred from another unit, as many were, between his own date of entry shown on the MiC. You may get some help from the museum at Lancaster, or try to find out if his papers have survived at the National Archives at Kew.

There may be a Kings Own expert here on the Forum who can add more. It is amazing what turns up.


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