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Gibraltar North Front Cemetery

kevan darby

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I have just recently visited Gibraltar and while there i went to North Front Cemetery and took photos.

here is a list of photos, mainlly casualties from Gallipoli. get in touch if you want any i will gladly send them on to you.


H R Marson 2754 Pte Essex Regt

H Peachey 20109 Sgt West Yorkshire Regt

R Harrison 19932 Pte East Lancashire Regt

T W Donnison ss/1892 Able seaman R.N.

H Feakes 3613 Gunner R.F.A.

E H Arnold 18075 Cpl R.G.A.

J Lucas 1153 A/Bombardier R.F.A.

R Ratcliffe 10908 Pte N. Staffs

M Roach 6472 Pte Army Ordance Corps

W Bradley 2460 Pte Manchester Regt

G Bradury 308433 Leading Stoker H.M.S. EURYALUS

D John 9737 Pte S.W.B.

J W Bence ss/270 Able Seaman R.N.V.R. Howe Batt R.N.D.

D Godfrey Trooper N.Z. Mounted Rifles

T C Macrow 42156 Gunner R.G.A.

J A Kemp 13/702 Trooper N.Z. Mounted Rifles

A E Burgess 2104 pte Lancashire Fus

A W Curtis 16461 Sgt R.G.A.

B Haxell 9741 Royal Fus

R G Lapthorne 27 Batt Aus Inf

A Powell 22352 Gloucestershire Regt

A jOHNSON 3198 PTE Middlesex Regt

A Palmer 34032 Cpl R.W.F.

B Eager 253 Pte 13 Batt Aus Inf

C W Cooke 186588 Petty Officer H.M.S Venerable

C Williams 6523 Pte R.W.F.

D D Walker 1534 Pte Notts Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry

D Jones 1770 Pte R.W.F.

D Mackay ss/1457 Able Seaman H.M.S. EUROPA

D Robertson 14th Batt Aus Inf

E H Aronold 18075 Cpl R.G.A.

F Barraclough 4337 Pte Border Regt

G E Claver R.A.M.C.

G A Payne 34139 Pte R.W.F.

G J Sutherland 8/1849 Cpl N.Z. Otago Regt

J Rogers 3262 Pte Royal Warwickshire Regiment

H C Thompson 10634 lcpl Royal Warwickshire Regiment

S Sowden 9308 Pte Lanc Fus

W. Douglas 11326 Pte York and Lancs

J Hopwood 4324 Pte Lanc Fus

W Keay 3599 Pte Connaught Rangers

L Wedekind 22/1134 Able Seaman Howe Batt R.N.D.

O H Leeks 81355 N.Z. Otago Rifles

J Griffiths 445 pte Welsh Regt

J E Wild 3022 Pte Manchester Regt

T J Woods 5030 Driver R.H.A.

H C Arthur 10/792 N.Z. Wellington Regt

T Judd 2378 Pte 10 Batt London Regt

W Baldwin 300 pte 25th Batt Aus Inf

H Dean 7436 Pte Cheshire Regt


J Horan 29282 Pte Cheshire Regt

W Reed Sig H.M.S City of Belfast

H Palmer Pte R.M.L. H.M.S. City of Belfast

W H Martin 1522 Pte Middlesex Regt

W H Stanfield CH/282 (S) R.M.L.I R.N.D.

B Beger 253 pte 13th Batt Aus Inf

H S Tosdevin 20898 Sgt R.G.A.

T H Finch CH/9590 Pte R.M.L.I. R.N.D.

H W Mustoe Able Seaman R.N. H.M.S. Bristol

J Hoopwood 4324 Pte Lanc Fus

J W Benge Able Seaman R.N.V.R. Howe Batt R.N.D.

B F M Hughes Flight Sub Lt R.N.

J W A Stewart Chief Gunner R.N. HMS CORMORANT

E C Wright Capt 2nd Batt Wiltshirse Regt

E U G W Meyrick 1st Garrison Batt

G Harland 2104 Lcpl Middlesex Regt

T Davidson Nelson Batt R.N.D.


W G Howie 2Lt N.Z. Mounted Rifles

H D Ohara DSO Lt R.D.Fus

W Turton R.M.L.I.

H. J Willcox Able Seaman HMS RICHARD WILFORD

W Edwards Sgt Portsmouth Batt R.N.D.

T Taylor stoker 1st Class HMS Prince George

J Masson 762 Pte 15 Batt Aus Inf

S Johnston 2403 Pte K.O.S.B.

M W McPherson 955 Trooper 4 Aus Light Horse

W A Mackenzie R.A. Band

J Bankhead t4/062067 Driver Army Service Corps

N A Mclean Sgt Wellington Mounted Rifles

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What a stroke of luck! Both my Anglesey casualties buried at Gibraltar are on your list, namely:

Jones, David Pte 1770 1/6th RWF, died of wounds at sea 3.9.15, received at Suvla Bay Gallipoli. He was 18. Born Coedana and later resident Llanerchymedd.

Williams-Meyrick, Captain Edmund Oswald Griffith, 1st Garrison Battn., RWF. Died Gibraltar 7.5.16. Graduated 1897 from the University College, Bangor. Had links with Beaumaris.

I will be very pleased to have their gravestone images, and will pm you my details.


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A big public thank-you to Kevan for sending some nice clear shots of stones at Gibraltar, and a view of the cemetery entrance.

Well done, and I hope others take up your kind offer.


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A big public thank-you to Kevan for sending some nice clear shots of stones at Gibraltar, and a view of the cemetery entrance.

Well done, and I hope others take up your kind offer.


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If any one else would like any photo's of CWG's from the Gibraltar (North Front) Cemetery please get in touch with me as I have completed both WW plots including a Roll-of-Honour.


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Hi Bob

Thanks for your kind offer.

Would you have a photo of the grave of Private Christopher Pentilla of the 16th Battalion AIF?

He is in Gibraltar North Front Cemetery, Plot No. A. 3138



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