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Medal Card - Royal Engineers


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I have just downloaded the medal card for my husband's grandfather from the National Archives website.

Could someone help me interpret it and let me know where I can find his full service record? I would be very grateful, because I'm not at all conversant with military research.

Corp R.E. Rank S?pr Regt. No 1633

Medal / Roll / Page / Remarks

VICTORY / RE/101 B32 / 6730 / Class Z

BRITISH / do / do

15 STAR / RE/3/B / 1320

Theatre of war first served in (1) France

Date of entry therein 20-7-15

Many thanks

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Hi lambie welcome to the forum :D

The Vicory, British and 15 Star are the medals that he was awarded, the numbers and letters that follow are the reference to the medal rolls that can only be searched at the NA in person. As to his service records don't hold your breath, around 30% survived the Blitz during the 1940s. The date on the MIC is the date that he entered the War Zone, from this someone in the know for the R. Engineers may be able to tell which Coy he was part of. Read here about the R. Engineers and here on how to read the MIC (Medal Card), good luck,

cheers, Jon

ps he was a Sapper

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Jon, thank you for helping me, it's much appreciated. I'll follow your links.

Just one more question - is Sapper a rank and if so where in the hierarchy is in (please excuse my ignorance in advance).

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Provided that he went overseas with the first contingent of his unit he MAY have been in one of the following companies:

(From the R.E. embarkation dates roll)

436th Company (1/1st Welsh) Field Company, 19th July 1915.

439th Company (2/1st Cheshire) Field Company, 18th July 1915.

16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th Motor Airline Sections, 19th July 1915

81st, 82nd and 94th Field Companies, 18th July 1915

There are no dates specifically for the 20th, but units often embarked one day and sailed the next morning or overnight.


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Thanks for that information Steve.

I knew that the 19th Dvision had gone over on the 19th July 1915 because on Family Tree Forum someone told me that his/her ancestor had gone ove on that date with the 19th Division.

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