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Files on organisation/ fighting methods in NA/ PRO?


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Does the NA keep any files about the changing organisation and fighting methods during the war, for example SS- series or similar documents.

I am particularily (but not exclusively) interested in the development of the platoon organisation during the war (I know the SS143 pamphlet but want to dig deeper).


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Hello Erwin

You weould be better off trying the Imperial War Museum or the National Army Museum. I think that the IWM has published a reprint of SS135, and I picked up a modern facsimile reprint of SS143/144 at the Thiepval Visitor Centre this summer.

I have had a look at some potential WO class lists at Kew - WO33, WO140, WO158 and WO279 - as the most likely places where this kind of information would be held, but could find nothing which looked promising.

There are various "files" in WO24, War Establishments, giving numbers etc of men in each type of unit, but these show subdivision only down to company level, and in any case these did not change a great deal between 1914 and 1918.

Good luck!


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