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Mills Bomb manufacturer

Gunner Bailey

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Can anyone put a name to the marks on a No 36 Mills Bomb I've just aquired? It's pretty rare to find a grenade with matching marks so I'm pleased about that, but I've not seen this maker before.

The Body - under the filler screw is marked F.i.Co.

The Baseplug is marker No 36 M1 F.I.Co 9.17

Please see photos attached.

Any help would be appreciated - Thanks

Gunner Bailey



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It's the Falkirk Iron Company in Scotland.

Hi Max. That's interesting as normally all their grenades have the name FALKIRK In caps for No5.s. Did they change with the 36?

I've also got an odd No 5 plug with F.K. Is this them as well?

Gunner Bailey


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Unusually Falkirk seem to have used a series of trademarks: Falco, Falkirk, FI Co. and FICL too.

F.K. is not on any list I have. :unsure:

Yes it's an odd one. Even Dave Sampson didn't know it.


Gunner Bailey

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