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An MID should be Gazetted. It often had a separate MIC too, but not always.

Anyone in particular?


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Many thanks Steve, I thought I had read that M I D were not Gazetted , my mistake . It came about when I was researching the late Sgt. Wood (Soldier in the trench, Somme 1) years ago before the days of the Forum & other bodies devoted to research on WW1.

A question about a medal award from a family member came to the fore & all I found was the M I D., perhaps I should investigate further now as limited details are on line.

A query Steve, when I obtained a Mic for a friend whose father received the MM that was the only info on the card, would there be another Mic regarding any other meagre details on Mic 's? If so how would one locate a further Mic assuming there is one without paying for another MM Mic.?



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There are seperate MICs for campaign medals and MMs. These are Index cards, not places for detailed explanations; they just index to the London Gazette entry. So it should show the medal awarded, the theatre awarded in and either the date or code of the LG entry.

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