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Afternoon Pals,

I absolutely love French, and so whilst browsing the Sky channels how happy was I to find TV5 monde (Channel 799)! :P

Not only that but it had a documentary on called "Mon papa en Guerre" - A Great War documentary :D

Problem was, I couldnt actually understand it, but the graphics were great, hey i had to look at the pictures at least!

Spent half an hour trying to figure out how to try and get subtitles on (without success, if anyone knows if its possible please tell!) at least if i read the french i'd be able to understand it partially!

So, just a heads up incase its on again, its "A documentary through the eyes of veterans, women and children on the home front throughout WW1"

Also, if anyone happened to watch it and understand it please tell me if it was enjoyable :)


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