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Remembered Today:

On the positive side

June Underwood

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In contrast to another thread I would like to paint the positive side.

I was due to lay the wreath for the local Historical Society this morning and got talking to a family with two children, whom I had never met before. The little girl, aged about 7, looked at the wreath, then started touching and counting the poppies and talking about what the poppy meant. As we walked towards the War Memorial the little girl (in preference to going with her parents) held my hand and stood with me. I asked her if she would like to help me to lay the wreath and she nodded with pleasure. When our turn came she clung tightly to me and walked the few steps to the Memorial. For me it was a very moving moment in its innocence and spontaneity.

I hope she remembers this occasion in time to come - I know that I certainly will.


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Lovely June,

Well posted.


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