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Good Evening to all Great War followers! :rolleyes:

I'm researching several of my Great War ancestors but my great grandfather has been promoted to top of the list! Walter Ireland was a boy of 15 when he was recruited in 1914. He was born and brought up in Coventry but was recruited to the Somerset Light Infantry.

Service number 053620

Unit 2/4

At some point he was transferred to the Gloucesters ( 044997)

He survived the war only to die in 1947 when my grandfather was a boy. Thus, my grandfather knows little of his father's war record or the battles he fought in. He has no photos of his father only two medals with his Somerset Service number on. Researching Walter Ireland has become fairly crucial as my grandfather is terminally ill and I would like him to know of his father before it is too late.

Any help or info would be so appreciated.

Thanks, Charlie

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Hi Charlie, do you have a copy of Walter's MIC?

2/4th Battalion S.L.I

Formed at Bath in September 1914. Became part of 135th Brigade, 2nd (Wessex) Division. 12 December 1914 : landed in India. The Division was broken up on arrival in India. August 1915 : moved to Andaman Islands, returned to India January 1916. 25 September 1917 : landed in Suez, Egypt, attached to 232nd Brigade, 75th Division. 1 June 1918 : landed in Marseilles, having been detached from the Division, and proceeded to the Western Front. 19 June 1918 : attached to 34th Division as Pioneers.

From his Gloster No. a quick search of SDGW with similar Nos. would suggest the 8th (service) Battalion, possibly when the 2/4th S.L.I landed in France, hope this helps,

cheers, Jon

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Thank you for your help. I immediately told my grandfather and it came as a surprise that his Dad went to India and Suez before being shipped out to the Western Front. I'm planning on making a visit to the National Archives to try and locate his service record and those of my other ancestors.

Once again, thank you. Any info is always helpful.

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