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Tower Hill MN Memorial, London


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I have been asked to assist in adding a name to our church/district Book of Remembrance and would like to ensure that the correct details appear. The CWGC entry spells a middle name one way, the informant family member another. Who do we believe? The informant would like it spelled the same way as on the MN memorial if we can track it down. The panel is No. 24 and the name Francis Wynn[e] Jones.

Has any pal access to photos, or can you suggest a source?

Many thanks for help which always seems to appear.


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S.S. Casanare (Liverpool), Merchant Navy

who died age 69

on 03 November 1940

Son of William and Eleanor Marie Jones.

Remembered with honour


This man?


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That is the man! Your info ties in with CWGC, with the 'e' on Wynne. Many thanks for your help.

The Casanare was torpedoed by U99, Otto Kreitschmer, off the Irish coast, with 9 lives lost from a crew of 65.


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