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Pvt 16950 Albert Stinchcombe 8th SLI

Guest stinch

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First time on the forum so if this is incorrect in any way sorry!

Looking for any information in regard to the above soldier who was my Great Grandfather.

I have his medal group (Queens SA medal (entitled to, but never claimed Kings SA) & 15 star trio, a copy of his Medal Index Card and Boer War service (he was in the milita, dischrged with £5 Gratuity) but nothing for 14 - 18 as his documnets were amongst the burnt.

I have Everard Wyrall's 14 - 19 history of the SLI and have downloaded sveral sections of the 8th SLI war diary from Kew's web site. Thus have a good overall idea of where/when but no individual detail.

He served the whole war as a private, liked a drink, and according to my late Grandfather (Born 1909 and who could recall the victory celebrations in 1918) he neve came home on leave once! (suspect discipline issues here!)

He was born, bred, and died (1952) in Hawkesbury Upton, Glos.

He is burried in Hawkesbury (St Mary's) church with his wife Amey whom I knew and who surrvied him by 20 years.

Any help most welcome.

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