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Appeal to Pals - Brampton & District Book of Remembrance


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Hi all,

I'm currently researching the military histories (as far as possible!) of those men who served during WWI and who were either born in Brampton & District, lived in Brampton & District at enlistment, or came to Brampton & District to enlist. The end purpose of the project is set out in the text below, taken from a letter I had published in the Cumberland News back in August. This, and subsequent appeals, have generated a steady flow of information, complementing that which I am gathering from the 'usual' sources. However, I wonder if any Pals, in the course of their researches, have come across men who were b., l. or enl. in my district of north Cumbria. As I've found, from this research and more general Border R. research, the population at the time was more mobile than we think, and of course with whole swathes of block transfers during the war, many men (without even thinking about the Corps or the RN) served far from their 'home' regiment.

Any help would be most appreciated :)


I have recently begun researching the military histories of those men from Brampton & District who served in the Armed Forces during both World Wars, and investigating the memorials to those who served/ fell that are to be found in the area.

Though the project is still in its early days, I intend to eventually publish my research as a lasting tribute to the local men who fought, and in many cases died, in the service of their country, and for whom Brampton & District War Memorial Hospital was founded. Therefore, I have in mind the 90th anniversary of the Armistice - November, 2008 - as a fitting date to hopefully have a publication, some form of ‘Book of Remembrance’, in print. All profits made from any book produced will go to Brampton Hospital League of Friends, to hopefully assist in a small way the safeguarding of the future of Brampton’s own ‘Cottage’ Hospital.

I would like to make an appeal to readers of The Cumberland News, who may have had family or friends that served during WWI or WWII who were either born in Brampton & District, resident in the district at enlistment, or simply came to the district to enlist, for any information, photographs, artefacts, letters, memories, anectdotes, etc. that they would be willing to share, to aid my research and for possible inclusion in any future book. I would also, of course, be extremely grateful if readers from the district who themselves served in the Forces during WWII would like to get in touch! ‘Brampton & District’ was defined in the establishment of Brampton Cottage Hospital as being the area covered by the then Brampton Union, which encompassed the parishes of: Askerton, Brampton, Burtholme, Carlatton, Castle Carrock, Cumrew, Cumwhitton, Nether Denton, Upper Denton, Farlam, Geltsdale, Hayton, Irthington, Kingwater, Midgeholme, Walton, and Waterhead.

If readers feel they can contribute in any way, they can e-mail me at bramptonanddistrict@gmail.com or write to me at: Chris Forster, c/o Border Regiment & King's Own Royal Border Regiment Museum, Queen Mary's Tower, The Castle, Carlisle, CA3 8UR

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Have you tried Geoff's Search Engine: here

It's particularly good at revealing family connections with a prticular town/area.

Entering Brampton and Cumberland in the 'Including' fields brings up 49 hits straight away.



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Foster Wilson, was bn Brampton District (Irthington) and served with the Lonsdales - I've sent on photo's to you previously, when you were kindly helping me to try and identify his regiment from them, and there may be copies at the museum - service number 32776. If you require further copies I can send them on and can supply details such as dob etc and information from the medal roll at NA. He survived the war and received temp corporal stripes with the 1/5 bttn.The photo's show him as a raw recruit and later in 1919. If it is of interest/help to you then you are more than welcome to use the information. I look forward to the book!


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Hi Marc and Lorraine,

Marc, yes, Geoff's website is fantastic, I've been using it for a few weeks; its something the CWGC search engine itself should have incorporated a long time ago . . .

Lorraine, thanks; I've been meaning to get back in touch with you for a number of reasons for a while, I'm sending you a PM . . .

Chris :)

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