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my great grandfather was in the ramc, he was john william morris, on his service papers it says that he was 19th coy, b depot, oc cyclists etc.

any tell me anything about any units?????



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Hi When was he with 19 Coy RAMC?

My Gt Uncle James Keeling was transferred to 19 RAMC Coy from N Staffs Regt in August 1919, his record his very hard to read he may have been in Chester.

Looking at it again I thing HQ 19 RAMC Coy was at Chester and Jim was posted to Lancs Mil Hospital but I can't read all the details.

He was only there 11 days then posted to No 6B Dispersal Station for demobilisation.


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Hello Dan

In August 1914 A, B and C Depot Companies were all at Aldershot, and contributed to the forming of 4, 5 and 6 Field Ambulances, 1 Cavalry Field Ambulance and 4 and 6 Clearing Hospitals (ie CCS), as well as providing the medical crew for five Ambulance Trains and a Hospital Ship.

19 Co RAMC, based at Chester, provided the personnel of 3 General Hospital and 10 Stationary Hospital, both mobilised with the original BEF.

Does your "etc" mention any of these units?


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