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What are these ribbons?


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I wonder if the reicpients of the Delhi Durbar were chosen because they didn't have the Coronation 1911. On reflection I can't remember seeing a Coronation with a bar that would indicate both were issued.


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As promised complete list of Dehli Durbar 1911 awards to 2nd Norfolks


Hope it helps


Dear Peter

I feel like I'm coming to this too late - and asking a favour. I had three relatives in the 4th Dragoon Guards in India from 1894. Two of them, Frederick Hynes and Michael Hynes were in the 4th DGs in 1903, and I have no doubt that they were in the procession etc in 1903. William later joined the 7th DGs and was with them in 1911. Neither Frederick nor William's papers indicate that they had the 1903 or 1911 Durbar Medals. William was a trumpeter and at various times was attached to the Governor of Bombay's band. Anyway - I was interested to note that not all those present received the medal. Is there any way that you could check out a couple of Hynes in the 4thDGs in 1903 0 and William in the 7th for 1911?

Would be much obliged


Paul Hynes

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