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we went to the blackwatch museum in Perth Scotland last year hoping to find something out about 2 of my relations but they had no record of them.

Alexander McKerrow born 1835 Douglas Lanarkshire died 1909 Douglas Lanarkshire.

WE know that he had a crimean war medal as when he died there was a picture in thepaper of him wearing his medal. We tried tracking down the paper to see if there had been anything written but so far we have failed to trace it.

Also Alistair McKerrow b 1897 Scotland d1975 cuckfield Sussex.

Any suggestions please. I can not get to Kew as its to far away.

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An Alistair McKerrow has a 1914-1918 medal index card (MIC) on the National Archives site under WO372/12. He is shown as a Sergeant in the Highland Light Infantry,service number 3302965. You can download the MIC for 3.50 direct from the NA Catalogue. The MIC would lead you to the Medal Roll issued by his Regt when Medals were allocated,and this form will show the Battalion he served in. This is viewable at the NA.

An Alexander McKerrow is shown in an "old soldier's" file under WO97/1247/267 as serving in the Royal Artillery and being discharged at 45 years of age,he is shown as being from Strauen Lanarks,but the date span is only from 1805 to 1826,so it is probably not the man you seek,may be his grandfather? There may be other references to McKerrow in the other WO97 files (Pre 1914 series of soldier files),but some of these before 1900 need the regiment for sure,because they are filed by Regiment as opposed to surname. Others later,from 1900 to 1913 file by surname.

Best wishes


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Thank you. I have found one for Alistair McKerrow but mis-spelt Alister then corrected underneath.

I have had contact with somebody else that seems to think I may have the wrong regiment for Alexander as he was in the indian mutiny it now looks as though he could have been in the 90th foot regiment

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There are no McKerrows listed on the 42nd's Medal Roll for the Crimean War (unless enlisted under another name).

There are no McKerrows listed on the 42nd or 73rd's Medal Rolls for the Indian Mutiny (unless enlisted under another name).

42nd & 73rd are the 1st and 2nd Battalions of The Black Watch.

I hope this helps narrow down your research.


Tom McC

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