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Lyoff Hirshberg - Royal engineers


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I am looking for infn on Lyoff Hirschberg, who probably served in the RE. He was a civil engineer. He survived the war.


Wal Storer

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I couldn't find him in MICs

Could he have served under another name?

Presumably this later notice relates to him:

The LG 21 March 1922 has a notice of a change of name by a deed poll dated the 16th March 1922, under the hand and seal of LIONEL HILL, of No 81, Overstrand-mansions, Battersea Park, in the County of London, Civil Engineer. The said Lionel Hill renounced and abandoned the use of his name Lyoff Hirschberg and in lieu thereof assumed and adopted the name of Lionel Hill - Dated 17th March 1922.



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Flippin' National Archive links - they often don't "stick":

Here is the reference to his Home Office file:

HO 144/1536/389143 Nationality and Naturalisation: Hirschberg, Lyoff, from Russia. Resident in London. Certificate 5,422 issued 1 January 1920. 1920

This can be reviewed at the National Archives.


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