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I received a book called "Our Italian Front" by I think, a war correspondent. (Birthday boy!) However, it has an inscription and a couple of notes, and I think the writer of the notes is BONHAM, perhaps with the initials CB, believed to be an officer, and he was in Italy, close to GHQ (Padua) Christmas 1917, perhaps with the RASC, perhaps in the company of another officer named Foxill or similar. There are several Bonhams (inc Bonham-Carters) in PROCAT, but no-one with those initials.

Anyone out there with access to Army Lists, who could perhaps nail him down?

Thanks in advance.

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I think your man is Lt Col Charles Barnhard Bonham DSO RE, who was also awarded the Italian War Cross and was mentioned in despatches on 30 May 18 and 5 Jun 19. He was born 12 November 1871, commissioned 2Lt RE 13 Feb 91, Lt 13 Feb 94, Capt 20 Oct 01, Maj 13 Feb 11, Lt Col 24 Sep 18. His DSO was gazetted on 3 Jun 18 (Birthday Honours) and was for `distinguished service in connection with operations in Italy'.


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