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Allowed to wear two cap badges

stephen binks

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I remember reading that for actions either at Frezenberg or Top Tor the PPCLI's were authorised to wear two capbadges; one at the front and one on the back; to signify they had faced the enemy from behind. Can any pal confirm this and in addition which other Regiments have this entitlement; I think the Glosters have this honour?

Thank you

Steve Binks

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The 28th regiment of Foot, later the Gloucestershire Regiment 1st Battalion, won this honour at the battle of Alexandria. Formed in two ranks, they were attacked from behind and the order was given to the rear rank to "Right about face" and engage the enemy.

The "back badge" was worn up until the recent amalgamation of the regiment and the back badge is now only worn in certain forms of dress.

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