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HMS D4 or HMS D6


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Dear All

I am researching a man lost on Submarine D6 . The problem i have is , A S Evans in his book

"Beneath the Waves (1986 ) state that on the 11/12 May 1918, D6 Fired 2 Torpedoes and sank UB-72,and

Lt Barry was awarded the DSO. BUT , In his book Paul Kemp " U-Boats Destroyed (1999)" awards

the Sinking of UB-72 to D4 .Can anyone help sort this out ?. The man i am researching is Samuel

Gill ERA 3: M/12963:

Colin :unsure:

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Colin, this is the Admiralty death record for your man:

GILL, SAMUEL, E.R.A. 3c, M 12963 (Ch), D 6 H.M. Submarine, 28-Jun-18, SHIP LOSS.

Will come back on UB 72's killer.

Best wishes


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Colin, re ERA GILL - Submarine Service & loss details ;

GILL SAMUEL ERA 3 C/M 12963 NE RN 030394 051216



D7 160416 TITANIA

D7 160627 DOLPHIN

D7 160921 VULCAN

D6 170209 VULCAN

D6 170301 HEBE

D6 170327 PLATYPUS

DD D6 290618


AGE 24 CHATHAM 29 - 5 - 452

Son of Joseph and Mary Emma Gill, of 114 St. Margaret's Rd., Legrams Lane, Bradford.

Killed in action with submarine off the North Coast of Ireland.

Chatham Memorial is open 0830 - 1700.

For entry Telephone Guard Room at Brompton Barracks, 01634 - 822442.

HMS PLATYPUS. ADM 188 / 1043. AG 932 / 18.

P.o.B ; Keithley, Yorks. Occ ; Fitter.

KOKO & best, Sadsac

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Colin, this from `Gongs File' ;

BARRY Claud B N/E Lt. RN 83P294 S/M D.4

C-in-C Portsmouth 21.06.18 G

Action with enemy submarines 12.05.18 DSO

Destroyed by gunfire the German submarine UB.72, on the 12th May, 1918.

Their Lordships' consider that this attack was carried out with great skill and gallantry.

Taffy Evans is usually correct, BUT so is Paul Kemp !

This posting tho confirms P.K - no denying London Gazette ??

KOKO Sadsac

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From the Log of D4:

‘Sunday 12th May 1918

5.30am - Sighted enemy submarine at 50.08’N 2.41’W - enemy bearing 20 green approx speed 6kts - distance 1200-yards

5.50 - Fired 2 bow torpedoes heard explosion

5.53 - Surfaced rescued 3 seamen no others of crew or wreckage afloat’.

Cheers Ron

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D 4 (Lt. Claud B. Barry) was part of VIth Flotilla, Portsmouth, operating in the Channel, sinking UB 72 there on 12.05.1918 in X-Southern-Area.

D 6 (Lt. Samuel A. Brooks) was part of PLATYPUS-Flotilla, Buncrana, operating North of Ireland, being sunk by UB 73 (!) on 24.06.1918 with 2 survivors (CO Brooks and 1st Lt. S-Lt. Frederick S. Bell).

It may be of interest, that UB 73 on 30.06.1918 at 0.00h send an "open" W/T-message to the british W/T-station Malin Head, on request of her prisoners:

pass to HMS Platypus Lieutnants Brooks and Bell are saved prisoners in german submarine


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Dear All

Many thanks for all your help ,it is much appreciated.

a pity it is not a double Submarine on Submarine man,but

still a great Medal to have.

Colin :mellow:

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During the action in which UB72 was sunk. There were five U-Boats at the entrance to St.George`s Channel. Just before 4a.m. the Troopship Olympic, laden with American soldiers, sighted a surfaced U-Boat on her starboard bow, this was U103, before she had time to submerge she was rammed and sunk be the Olympic. within the Hour UB72 followed her to the bottom

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Thank you Stan

All information helps to the fuller picture.

Colin :closedeyes:

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  • 6 years later...
Guest Colin Barry

D4 sank Ub72 by torpedo.D4 was submerged Xcode with sun behind her. UB72 was on the surface waiting for scheduled convoy.My father Claud Barry was in Command

Colin Barry

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