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Calling any Black watch experts


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Hi Ladies and Gents

I am trying to help a family member search for some info on her Father.

I was mondering if any Black Watch experts could have a look and see if any records would exsist for the chap described (by aunt) below.

Frederick William Thompson, born Perth, Scotland. An Orphan I believe.

According to death Certificate, born 23rd September 1903. Also. National Service Acts Medical card dated 24th June 1942, states September 1903.

I also have earlier paperwork from Salvation Army Officer Training Application, which states 23rd Sept.1900. I feel this year of birth may have been falsified earlier in order for him to join the Black Watch under age.

Unfortunately I have no paperwork referring to the Black Watch, but he always said he was with them in India. In fact his Salvation Army application form states he had a knowledge of Hindustani - whi ch ties up.

Appoligies if this is in the wrong part of the forum

Once again your help woud be appreciated


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Hi Watchman. Your man would have been 15 when the Great War ended so is unlikely to have served. His NS medical card suggests WW2. If you get in touch with Balhousie Castle in Perth, The Black Watch Museum will probably be able to give you more information. Certainly Black Watch served in India in WW2 but I have no details.

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The 1st Battalion, The Black Watch, went to India in 1919 serving there until 1935. It is possible that boys would be back with the battalion not long after the cessation of hostilities.


Tom McC

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