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Muniitons Made in Coventry

Laurence Batchelor

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Hi there everyone,

I'd very interested if anyone has information on or knows of the existence of any shells, fuses, grenades, aerial bombs etc which have survived or are in private collectors hands of munitions made in Coventry during the First World War.

I am aware of some Coventry Ordnance Works fuses the IWM has (colour pictures on their online catalogue), along with naval guns and a 9.2-inch howitzer etc.

However, its the smaller munition items I'd be very interested in finding more about please.

I have compiled of list of 150 firms in the city making such items of war including some details of what they made and any information, however small, might be useful to add to that list.

Thank you in advance

Kind Regards

Laurence Batchelor

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