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Zeppelins over SE London and letter to daughter 1918


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This is a section from a letter sent by a father that was living in Lewisham, South East London to to his daughter in I believe Canada dated 3 April 1918 and is part of the Broome Collection.

I am interested to know is there somewhere to find more details of Zeppelin raids over London?

I am rather surprised to hear you have not had poor Georgies things yet & there was something like £100 due to him at his death perhaps they will not pay that out till the War is over. What dreadful fighting there has been again this two or three week, we have not had a Raid now for several weeks, but I expect they will be giving us a turn again soon, the last time they were over, they went to Maida[?] Vale I think four houses were destroyed & a number of people killed, the time before they were over our way one bomb dropped the bottom of Vicars Hill not far from Ladywell Stn one dropped in Lewisham Park & two in Hither Green Lane they done a lot of damage but no one was killed only two slightly injured, it was marvelous how they escaped.

Dear Mill you asked if Georgie worked any badge for Auntie Abe, no he did not she was very disappointed he was working one when they moved him to Orpington & so she never got it. I think he left it with his friend at St Georges Hospital and he was going to finish it for him. I know how you must miss his letters to you coming so regular. Doris is still living home I suppose, I expect the boys are growing some strappers the Vicar's Son here Captain Jepsom had his leg blown off out at the front and otherwise seriously injured he is a doctor, he is not brought home yet it happened nearly five months ago he is recovering very slowly, his father and mother was sent for they thought he was going to die.

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All the German aeroplane and airship raids, plus the British responses, are detailed in Cole & Cheesman's The Air Defence of Britain 1914-1918; ISBN 0 370 30538 8, and Joseph Morris's German Air Raids on Britain 1914-1918 (originally published in 1925).

A good general history is H G Castle's Fire Over England; ISBN 0 436 08900 9.

Airship raids are extremely well covered in Douglas Robinson's The Zeppelin in Combat; ISBN 0 85429 130 X, and Ray Rimell's Zeppelin!; ISBN 0 85177 239 0.

The best general history of the aeroplane raids remains Ray Fredette's The First Battle of Britain 1917-18.

I hope that this is useful.


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