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The Nott brothers and Arthur Edward Jeune Collins

J Banning

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I see that in the latest Clifton College magazine there are some articles on old Cliftonians and their service in the war.


They start from page 6 onwards. Also included is an article on the college and its contribution to D Day in WW2.

From a search of the forum I see that the tragedy of the Nott family appears to have been mentioned before. However, here it is in one easy to read place.

The name Arthur Edward Jeune Collins should be well known to cricket lovers and anyone who has been to Johan Vandewalle’s bar, De Dreve, at Polygon Wood. Collins' cricketing prowess is legend - he still holds the record of 628 not out, the highest individual score in a match. There is a write up in the bar about Collins who was killed very close to the current site of De Dreve.

Clifton College seems to have contributed pretty well to the Great War. Old Cliftonians include Haig, Birdwood, Hugh Elles, two of Neill Malcolm’s brothers and Charles Bean. Good to see some of the lesser luminaries getting recognised by the college in this edition.

Happy reading.


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