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East African Mounted Rifles

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The East African Mounted Rifles had an epaulet with the letters 'EAMR'. Does anyone know the colour, font, material etc? Old photographs also show the 'MR' letters on the pudgeree band of the pith helmet. Any information on these matters, and indeed anything regarding the EAMR unforms (or lack thereof) would be greatly appreciated. I have the EAMR book by C.J. Wilson as well as the Osprey "Armies in East Africa", but still no answers!

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Above is an image of what looks like the "Bowker's Horse" Squadron, EAMR.

Take a look at: http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/i...st&p=750466
to see more uniform & equipment detail.
These images are believed to have been taken at Longido West.

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Jambo. Thanks for the pic, all the info I can find helps, but those epaulet flashes are killing me! Trying to determine the colour and materials , any ideas?

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