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Battle of the Selle


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Can anyone help with info on the battle the 18th Brigade were involved in around the 23rd/24th October, i know it was the Battle of the Selle but thats about it.



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23-24/10/18 18th Brigade was involved in an attack to gain high ground overlooking the Sambre Canal. 6th Division occupied a section of front from Bazuel to a short way north of Mazinghien. 18th Bde attacked on the right of the Brigade front, with 2 DLI on the right and 1 West Yorks on the left. Three sections of 301st American tank Company were allotted to the division.

The assembly positions of the assaulting Bdes were subjected to heavy counter-preparation, including a great deal of gas shelling, and the assembly units suffered considerable casualties. The attack commenced at 1.20 a.m. on 23/10/18. 2 DLI & 1WY were delayed in crossing a gas-filled valley in their immediate front, and met with opposition from various farms. However theu fought their way steadily forward during the day, and by the late afternoon their right battalion had reached its objective and had pushed its patrols down to the canal, and the left battalion, having reached its first objective, was struggling forward to its second, the capture of which it completed next day.

Taken from "A Short History of the 6th Division" by Marden.

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