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I've been trying to determine what my grandfathers RNR Service Record has as "CONFIRMED IN RATING FROM 11:1:15"?

The attachment has 'STREET' as written on grandfathers RNR record (assumed of course to have been the same person writing), the other word or abbreviation appears to be 'HAR' but I thought it may be a good comparison to eliminate the 'HA' from being 'SK'?

The recognised outcome of 'Skr' (as in Skipper) could mean that the RNR did actually realize grandfather had a Board of Trade Skippers Certificate, however it looks more likely to be 'HAR' - so does anybody know what that would stand for 'Harbour' maybe?

Kind regards,

John. :rolleyes:

PS. Latest thought could this even be 'lbr'??


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Going back to the SA prefix letters, do they not originate from the Latin Sine Anno = Without year or date, with reference to not having previous RNR/RN Service?


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