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I am trying to find out more about the history of the 'V' Class destroyer HMS Vega, during the period from 1 Jan 1918 to 5 Jan 1920.

Where did this ship serve? To which flotilla did she belong? Was this ship invoved in any action? And also, what pennant number did she carry during this period.

Does any one have a nice picture or postcard?

I know that her depot ships during this time were Woolwich, Columbine and Sandhurst.

Many thanks,


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From http://www.gwpda.org/naval/wrndd004.htm

Royal Navy Destroyer Flotillas, November 1918


Valentine Valkyrie Tristram Tower Umpire Urchin

Ursula Vimiera Ursa Vendetta Ulster Verdun

Violent Wakeful Vectis Vega Venetia Verulam

Viceroy Vesper Wolfhound Vidette Westcott Westminster

Winchelsea Wessex Woolston Walpole Windsor Whitley



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Pennant no. Jan. 1918 was F.92 & in April 1918 was changed to F.09.

British Warships 1914-1919, Dittmar & Colledge.



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I have a British War Medal / Victory Medal pair to WILLIAM M. BRIDGES who served on HMS Vega as a Sub-Lieutenant from Sept 1918 to April 1920.

The following may be of interest:


Class: Admiralty V Class Destroyer

Launched: 1/9/17 (Doxford)

Armament: 4 x 4" guns; 1 x 3" anti-aircraft gun; 4 x 21" torpedo-tubes

Sold: 4/3/47

At the time of Bridges’ arrival on HMS Vega in September 1918 there were eight officers on board:

Lieutenant-Commander David V.E. Erskine (Commanding Officer)

Lieutenant Cecil C.A. Allen

Engineer-Lieutenant William G. Jackson

Sub-Lieutenant Edward I. Peyton (log writer)

Sub-Lieutenant William M. Bridges

Surgeon Probationer RNVR John M. Cray

Gunner Albert G. Lamerton

Midshipman RNVR Reginald A.S. Heaven

The Navy List Jan. 1919 states that in December 1918 the Vega became a ‘tender to Sandhurst’ (by which time only five officers were onboard).

Ship's Logs, HMS Vega,

31/8/18 to 4/11/18 (ADM 53/66966); 5/11/18 to 5/1/19 (ADM 53/66967):


31/8/18 Granton Harbour (base).

2/9/18 Granton - exercises (battle practice firing, towing with HMS Vimiera and rifle firing).

3/9/18 Granton - torpedo exercises (torpedo running).

12/9/18 [no mention of Bridges coming on board].

17/9/18 Granton – ‘6.0 pm Sub.Lieut Bridges joined ship from HMS.Vernon’. 9.55 pm to sea for exercises with battle cruisers (zigzagging and forming submarine screens).

[some entries in the log are hereafter signed by Bridges ‘WMB’].

20/9/18 Returned to base pm.

[The next month included many movements between base and sea].


11/11/18 At base [Armistice Day].



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Many thanks to you all for the information provided! Very interesting.

Does any one have any other pictures of the Vega?

Many thanks,


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