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Remembered Today:

Army Surplus for sale in 1919

Max Poilu

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Hi Moonraker,

That's excellent, thanks for adding this info to the discussion.

There was also debate about how warlike equipment (grenade,rifles, etc) should be sold.

You might know my main interest lies in this subject (grenades etc) - if you go back and get a chance to elaborate on this (or copy it! ;)) that would be superb.

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I'm writing up my notes from last week's visit to TNA and wanted to check something, so entered "disposal board" into The Times on-line archive from August 1 to December 31, 1919 and got 493 hits, many relating to adverts (a couple illustrated), some to scandal (delay, fraud, materials wasting away).

Lots of vehicles (including Rolls Royces) available, but no armoured cars that I could see. What was on offer was "non warlike".

I did enter "armoured cars" in the search box for the same dates and got a great deal of debate about who invented the first tank - but that's another story.


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