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History of the 11th (Lewisham) Btn Royal West Kent Regiment.


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Thanks Longboat and Jonathan for the information. I certainly wasn't aware of the memorial at Sydenham although my father may be. I'm sure he would have been friends with Charles Wright as they lived in the same road. We think George gave his age as older than he really was, perhaps they joined up together?

Carolann has kindly looked up his service record on Ancestry for me so looking forward to seeing that. Maybe I'll find his which company he was with.

His story is coming together nicely thanks to you all.


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hi i collect to south london rgts specially 23 london i picked up a book on the12 bermonsey battalion reading through it gave reference to the history of the 11 lewisham battalion rwk and the 12 bermonsey book was based on how the 11 battalion book was written quote captain ro russell mc produced aspendid history of the 11 battalion royal west kent regiment our special pals in the 122 brigade  on the dealers stall both books were together  could only afford one at the time on reading that went back got the rwk book have written in the book about the buttock incedent real history thanks john

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