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Remembered Today:

Plumer: A Soldier's General

Robert Dunlop

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I am looking forward to getting a copy of the Pen & Sword's publication (ISBN 1-84415-039-9). I knew that Plumer was not in favour with Haig but it was interesting to read in the publisher's description of the book:

'Plumer had, as an examiner, given Haig low marks at Staff College'

Explains a lot :D

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Robert, did you get a copy and how did it read? I know very little about Plumer, and would be curious to know more. Andy

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I haven't got a copy yet. Several books that I have ordered recently have been slow in arriving.:( I am really looking forward to it, especially having come across the first mention of him in person by a soldier (well signaller actually - Wade in his book 'The War of the Guns', which also has a picture of Plumer in the back seat of a staff car driving past).


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