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anybody going to Hem farm Military Cemetery France?


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Hi There,

I was wondering if anybody is visiting the Hem Farm Military Cemetery at Hem-Monacu, France anytime,

as i looking for a photo of the grave of John Thomas Fisher, a member of the Oxford & Bucks,

whose buried at section 1L 10.

If anybody is visiting soon i would be very grateful if they could take a photo for me.



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Hi Barry

I went to Hem Farm last week. I went to the Row looking for Ox & Bucks badge and was nearly thrown as Fisher was in the Buckingham battalion of the Ox & Bucks so he has a different badge. The Headstones in Hem Farm are very worn but if you want a picture of my best effort let me know your e mail address.


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Hi -  I'm probably a bit late for a reply!    John Thomas Fisher was  my  great uncle, his brother William Fisher was my great grand father.    I found this thread by accident and it has been a fantastic help as I have a photo of my grand father with his brother - both in WW1 uniform - and I always wondered why his brother had a different cap badge!   (the photo wasn't clear enough to identify).  Thank you for helping me to solve this mysteru and identify his brother.   'Basiloxford'  -  are you a relation ?!   please let me know if you would like a copy of the photo and I will email you.   Thanks   John 

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