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Thank you very much for posting these pictures.

I have found a few references to Thomas Bramley Layton, so will put it all together and post it later. It appears he was also Mentioned in Despatches but at the moment I can only find one reference to that.

The CCS changed it's title three times. It first served in Gallipoli as 53rd (Welsh) CCS RAMC TF, and subsequently became the 53rd (1/1st Welsh) CCS. It then redesignated to 65 CCS in January 1916 and finally became No.34 Combined Clearing Hospital.

Below is all the information I have on areas traced so far:-

15/12/15 Alexandria, Egypt

20/12/15 Wardan Camp

Designated 65 CCS LOC Palestine

June 1917 Rafa

October 1917 Imara, Palestine

Thanks again, everything you posted has been really helpful


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I forgot that I had a photocopy of "A brief record of the 6th London Field Ambulance" pub London (no date). I think this is a different document from the one you were referring to as they were attd 14s Bde: if so, do you have it? FOTHERINGHAM appears in this under the nominal roll of officers (p. 35). There is also a Capt ROWLAND, but no indication as to whether he was the US officer who served with the 1/19th.


Yes I also have a photocopy of "A brief record of the 6th London Field Ambulance". I traced the 5th London back through the Bde info you provided but didn't check the 6th London (that will teach me). I see what you mean about Capt Rowland, he is not even listed as a US officer. I'll have a look through the war diaries when I'm at Kew next.

The History of the 5th is a different publication, although there is more information in the 6th. I've also found a photocopy of locations of Medical Posts - 5th/6th September 1918. There are three place names but mostly numbers, maybe map references, will probably mean more to you than me at the moment. I am happy to forward both to you if you do not have them.


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Thankyou for posting the photo of 2/4th LFA Michael. This was composer Ralph Vaughan Williams' unit.

What is the rank of the man who looks a little bit like him (but isn't) seated second from right. I assume he is the RSM or a warrant officer. I had assumed all RAMC rankers wore the red cross on their upper sleeve.

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I've been following the other thread on RVW - very interesting

regarding the photograph from Jerusalem

You really need 'Grumpy' or someone else to identify this man's rank, not me

At a guess I would say that you are probably right and he is a WO

- there seems to be a badge on his sleeve above the Red Cross [which could be a Crown???]

- his position in the seating arrangement also suggests WO; he is between the Officers and the Sergeant

quote: I had assumed all RAMC rankers wore the red cross on their upper sleeve.

I notice that most of those standing conform to your above

Happy New Year


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Barbara - I would be very interested to see those documents - will PM you. Yes, probably grid refs. On those days 141 Bde was attacking in the area Moislains / Nurlu / Lieramont. Charles

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without seeing the photograph in question, I can confirm that Warrant Officers RAMC wore their Geneva Cross badge on the lower sleeve: some I have seen above the rank badge, some below.

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Great site.

I know your mainly after those that survived, I have one that didn't (he's not really "mine", but he served in the GWR Swindon works, which makes him an associate), poor sod didn't even get overseas.

Suename Lambourne

Name Ernest

Number 1800

Rank Driver

Batt 1st SW


Dod 03/06/1915

Place Surrey

Age 23

Position (GWR) Store Keeper

Department (GWR) Stores

Workshop (GWR) 3

Note Killed in accident "Forest Row" Training Camp, Surrey

Nok Son of Mr. C. Lambourne, of 1, Deacon St., Swindon.




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manchester regiment

all from hulme,manchester

pte 133172 harry kershaw.29 fenwick st

pte 435458 francis,george mccormick.9 marlborough grove.

pte 350172 james,edward fletcher.90 mytton st.

pte 354522 john owen.93 preston st.2/3rd ELFA

pte 111234 john tomlinson.188 radnor st.9th company.

cpl 354154 harry smith.110 radnor st.

pte 354353 james,william wells.37 raglan st.1/3rd field amb.

T3/029311 robert bagshaw.23 st.mary street.att 73rd field amb

L/cpl 352057 john morris.117 upper moss lane.

pte 6850 william,edward shaw.13 boston st.43rd field amb

pte 350120 edward bibby.65 boston st.

sgt 120495 william hancock.32 bristol st.

cpl 357400 bertie,arthur perkins.76 chapman st.ELFA.

pte 35389 john,robert spence.6 chapman st.

pte 357140 harold rawlins.1 derby st.131st field amb

pte 118724 frederick maycock.98 embden st.

pte 84323 william mellor.74 embden st.res battalion

pte 350524 stanley jones.23 mercer st.2/1st ELFA.

cpl 350189 herbert maude 48 mercer st

pte 155303 harry bagguley.12 mercer st.2nd training battalion.

pte 354343 james mcloughlin.9 ocean terrace.

pte 50314 herbert oxley.185 radnor st.

pte 39450 harold morgan.185 radnor st.

pte 71215 joseph lees.227 radnor st.

110262 walter lees.227 radnor st.

pte 84434 frank bodell.11 carlisle st.hospital ship braemar castle

pte 110937 john,james faulkner.19 carlisle st.8th company.

pte 350203 thomas millar[jnr] 157 clopton st.1/1st ELFA

pte 354268 walter jowett.128 clopton st.2/3rd ELFA.

pte 382017 john,henry webster.118 clopton st.att to 148th field amb.

pte 354306[org 547] john,william thornton.6 longworth st.


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Andrew Hesketh

One of 'mine'.


Initials: HARRY

Nationality: United Kingdom

Rank: Private

Regiment/Service: Royal Army Medical Corps

Unit Text: 22nd Field Amb.

Age: 22

Date of Death: 16/05/1915

Service No: 8348

Additional information: Son of Matthew and M. E. Stapleton, of 6, Jessamine Terrace, Tibshelf, Alfreton, Derbyshire.

Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead

Grave/Memorial Reference: II. G. 13.


Killed by shellfire.

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I contact you a little while ago with a name or two from my modest little collection of medals, but for the life of me can't remember which ones. So I'll list the medals I've got and you might be able to tie them down with some info already held. However one pair I recently acquired also came with a small certificate from the RAMC (signed by a Maj. General) thanking him for his service. I attach a copy below for information. Should you want a larger version for your site, please let me know and I'll send one on.

Coole, Alfred, Pte, 110224 - BWM

Turner, Wilfred, Pte, 350325 - BWM/Vic pair

Turner, Robert, Pte, 510104, TF - SWB

Wilfred was a member of Northern Command (No 8 Company)



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Here is the information I've found on Capt. (A/Lt.-Col.) Thomas Bramley Layton, F.R.C.S., M.D., R.A.M.C. Sorry for the delay in posting. I've sorted it into chronological order (I hope)

Born 8/6/1982

Educated Bradfield College

Guy’s Hospital 1900-1906

M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. London 1906 (Guy’s)

M.B., B.S. London (Hnrs) 1906

M.S. (Medal) 1907

Anaesthetist, Surgeon, Surgical Registrar and Senior Anatomy Demonstrator – Guys Hospital 1908 –1912

F.R.C.S. Eng. 1909

Travelled for Study in Vienna and Berlin 1912

Surgeon in Charge to the Throat and Ear Dept., Guys Hospital and St George’s Disp. from 1912

Aural Specialist Ministry of Pensions London Region

Otologist N.E. & West. Fev. Hospitals M.A.B.

(Mentioned in Despatches) Fell. Royal Society. Medical & Anatomy Society

Hunt. Prof. R.C.S. 1919

Lived 10 Welbeck Street W.1

Son of T.Layton Solicitor

Married Edney Eleanor Sampson

One son and one daughter

Author of “Tonsils & Adenoids in Children” – Lancet 1914

“Surgery next to the Front” – Ib. 1917

“On Syringing Ears” - Pract. 1920

I will add the information you provided about his war service from the London Gazette onto my website. Many thanks


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Thank you very much for the information about Ernest Lambourne. I've just looked at the CWGC website and note that he served with the 1st South Western Mounted Bde. Field Amb. There were 3 line units to this Field Ambulance, and I have found a reference to the 1/1st spending time at Forest Row, Sussex. It was during the winter 1914-15 for training and whilst there they learned the French language in their spare time in preparation to joining the BEF. They then left for Willingdon Camp, Eastbourne, July 1915, so that would place them there at the time of his fatal accident. From that I think it is safe to conclude that he was serving with the 1/1st South Western Mounted Bde. Field Amb.


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Thanks again Bernard for the men listed on the AVL. I have finished cross refencing the first two batches you posted with the MICs and most of them tally. There are a few that don't so I'll investigate them at the NA, if I can.


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Thank you for the information about Harry Stapleton. I have three men recorded who died that day

Le Touret Cemetery, France:

8348 Pte Harry STAPLETON - killed in action 16/5/15 age 22

9267 Pte Roy Eric Alan NAYLOR - killed in action 16/5/15 age 23

9460 Pte Hubert VIRGO - killed in action 16/5/15 age 21

I wonder if they all died from the same incident??

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Hi Les

It was Pte Alfred Coole and Pte Robert Turner.

Thank you for the information about Pte Wilfred Turner and for posting the certificate. I have come across a number of men who transferred into one of the Home RAMC Companies, his service number advises that he was ex 1st East Lanc Fld Amb.

I have downloaded the certificate to use on the website and will put a credit to you when I do. I'll also see if I can trace any information on a Major General Bedford

Thanks again


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Thanks for the info on Wilfred - that'll help to trace him a bit better from other records........ and your welcome, especially for this most noble cause!

Keep up the great work,


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Andrew Hesketh
Le Touret Cemetery, France:

8348 Pte Harry STAPLETON - killed in action 16/5/15 age 22

9267 Pte Roy Eric Alan NAYLOR - killed in action 16/5/15 age 23

9460 Pte Hubert VIRGO - killed in action 16/5/15 age 21

I wonder if they all died from the same incident??

Certainly Naylor died with him. Here's some bits and pieces for you to use as you see fit.

From the Derbyshire Times,

Private Harry Stapleton of Tibshelf was killed on May 16th whilst doing ambulance work. He was with several Ilkeston [Derbyshire] men who were killed by a bursting shell...

A letter from Private J. P. Hingley of Little Hallam Lane, Ilkeston, to his parents [also 22nd FA RAMC] date not known:

"We have been having rather a hot time this last day or two as you have no doubt seen in the papers. Our own little ambulance has been badly cut up and it must be your prayers at home that have bought me through safe. We did well but paid the price of it. We had about eighteen casualties and five out of them killed. I am sorry to say we lost two of my pals from Ilkeston, one killed and the other badly wounded. A shell dropped right amomgst a group of our boys, putting ten of them out, and poor Roy Naylor was the one killed from Ilkeston and Wilfred Beardsley from Ilkeston was also wounded. Private Harry Stapleton of Tibshelf, also of the RAMC, was with Naylor and Beardsley at the time and was killed. He 'palled out' with the Ilkeston boys."

[beardsley died of wound on 19 May 1915]

Letter from Lt. James R. C. Jewkes, RAMC, dated 21 May 1915, to Stapleton's parents;

"I am writing this short line simply to express my sincere sympathy with you in your grief at the loss of your son. I have been the officer of his section of bearers ever since we formed at Lyndhurst and have learned to know and understand him. He was one of my bearers who all through the hard times worked unsparingly and during the trying winter was always cheerful and contented. I am therefore in a position to realise your loss and Colonel Archer joins ne in wishing to express his sincerest sympathy with you."

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Thanks Andrew, there is some really interesting bits of information there. In Pte Hingley's letter he says five were killed, and I think I may have found the 4th,

Bethune Town Cemetery, France:

9174 Pte Fred BROWN died of wounds 16/5/15 age 25

Colonel Archer is Samuel Arthur ARCHER, I have a fair bit of info on him but I cannot trace Lt. James R. C. Jewkes at all.

This is great, thanks again


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You may have seen the recruiting for a regimental numbering project: I am going to try to write a definitive, with Graham Stewart. We are short of a RAMC numbers expert .... I know you don't claim to be an expert, but may we count on your eventual input please?

Your PM box is full.

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Certainly. I have to say that I have only just scratched the surface of men to be added but there are some numbering patterns already forming.

The first of the Regular Army Field Ambulances to leave for the Western Front formed in 1914, some were formed from pre-allocated personnel and Special Reservists, and some were formed from men who were called back from overseas duties. I have so far added the nominal rolls of men who first arrived and qualified for the 1914 Star for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Field Ambulances and am working on the 4th, their numbers range from 1 - five digit numbers and are mixed amongst the different units. I have the name and service numbers of some men who were serving from 1896 but have not traced them serving in the Great War as yet.

I have traced some men serving in Territorial Force Units back to 1908 - they continued with the same number up until 1917 when the 6 digit numbers were issued.

New Army, for example the 42nd Field Ambulance which I've been working on, definitely had a range of numbers but then suddenly a number appears that is not in the range.

It is early days for me but I will help out if I can.


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