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Sir Charles Barter

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does anyone happen to have a photograph of Major General Barter, of the 47th Division? Apparently he was dismissed for wastage of manpower, only to be later knighted..figures eh?

thanks a bunch


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Here is Barters photo from the 47 Div History. (Paul, you can buy a reprint from N&MP) Sorry about the lousy scan - something to do with the dots and scan resolution

Barter was shamefully treated and should not have been sacked. The person who should have been, if any, was Pulteney, III Corps commander.

Barter, along with McDouall (GOC 141 Bde) suggested to Pulteney before 15 Sept that sending tanks into High Wood was a bad idea because of the nature of the ground. They would be better used outside to support the infantry. Pulteney disagreed and insisted in sending them in. All 3 quickly became bogged down.

However Barter carried the can for taking the wood too slowly and wasting men. Yet his division carried the wood, succeeding where several previous attempts had failed. (Paul - Terry Norman's The Hell they Called High Wood gives an excellent account.) If the tanks had gone round the sides, providing MG support to troops in the wood it might have been taken sooner and with fewer casualties.

I think there must have been a major, and possibly longstanding, personality clash between the two and Pulteney found it a good excuse to get rid of him. Barter was exonerated after the war.

I for one would be interested if he left any papers. I have checked at Kings Liddell-Hart archive on the online catalogue with no joy.


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