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Birmingham City Battalions Book of Honour

Terry Carter

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Similar to the Manchester Pals book of Honour. The book includes platoon photographs of the three Birmingham Battalions (14,15,16 Royal Warwicks) with the names, numbers of the men the the platoons. Unfortunately it does not tell you where each man is placed in the photograph. There is also group photos of the 1st B'ham machine gun platoon, the 1st B'ham Stretcher bearers, 1st B'ham NCO's and group photos of the officers of each battalion.

The platoon Rolls are for the period of mid to late 1915 when the battalions were on their final stages of training for active service. Thus the platoons include a lot of men who enlisted during early 1915 to replace men that were commissioned. you can tell these because their service numbers are slightly higher than the original volunteers.

The book also gives a list of men commissioned, though, not which regiment.

The second half of the book is a Roll of Honour of a good number of Birmingham Firms, factories, companies etc and the men who volunteered. Some of these rolls give the regiment and battalion of the men some do not. Others indicate whether a man was killed or wounded.

When the Birmingham battalions were in the process of being raised the Birmingham Daily Post complied a list of names and addresses of men whishing to volunteer in the proposed battalions. 4000 names and adresses were published in the first week of September, 1914. I have that list printed out in alphabetical order.

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Hello Terry,

                 a bit of a long shot this, given the date of the post.

Can you tell me if this man gets a mention please?


FOSTER, Arnold, b. Otley, Yorks, e. Birmingham, r. Otley, 27679, PRIVATE, Died of wounds, France & Flanders, 23/10/18,

 Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 16th Battalion.

I believe that Arnold enlisted in 1915 and served with the battalion in both Italy and France.

Any help would be appreciated,



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The Birmingham Battalions Book of Honour contains information on only the original volunteers. It lists all those who were commissioned during the training period and those that enlisted during the first few months of 1915. None of these had a service number similar to Arnold Foster. As a guess I would say he enlisted via the Derby Scheme.



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Hello Terry,


I'm trying to find any information about my grandfather:

Private Frederick Charles Walsh #43719 14th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. He was wounded but survived at The Somme, I think. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Birth date was 9/4/1899 in Abergavenny, Wales. Any information about when he may have enlisted, where he served and for how long would be greatly appreciated. 

Kind regards,


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welcome to the forum. I have removed your email address from your post, never a good idea to put your email address on  a public forum. You can send a private message to Terry if he doesn't pick this post up. PM can be accessed but clicking on Terry's name and using message,



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