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Bugler E.Gregg D.L.I.

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I have a postcard of my Grandfather.Bugler Edward Gregg,It was sent on the 16/2/17.To my Grandmother in Birtley Co Durham.The Address it was sent from is ,Bugler E Gregg,Ko9E,Barr 6B,Friedrichsfeld Bei Mosell, (not sure about the mosell) Rheinland.He was taken prisoner during the war,and apparently sent to Siberia! Does any one have any information to help me his service no.on his 1914/15 star is 1435


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Siberia being in Russia I consider it unlikely that once becoming a German POW he would then be sent into enemy country. However, Silesia was within German control during the Great War period and a POW camp here is not inconceivable, although I would imagine another member of the forum would be better placed to tell you where German POW camps were.

The best source for information is the public records office at Kew. He should have a medal index card there stating service numbers / units with which he served, all his ranks held during the war and his full medal entitlement. Other detaisl may be on the card but are not guaranteed. From the MIC it is possible to ID the medal roll which should state his battalion. The battalion would have kept a war diary throughout the Great War and this will allow you to pinpoint his units location / activities. However, it rarely mentions individuals by name, and it will not tell you the exact periods with which h served with the unit. Note that men did change battalions during the war, sometimes serving with multiple units.

In addition to this his service record may be one of those which survived the German bombing of 1940 and if so will be found in either WO363 or WO 364.

I hope this helps,


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christine liava'a

Could it be Friedrichsfeld bei Wesel ? That was the name of a POW camp.

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