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Royal Artillery Unit Histories


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I have the following Royal Artillery and Canadian Artillery unit histories and would be happy to do lookups as time permits:

Divisional Artilleries

Narrative of the 5th Divisional Artillery, 1914-1918

History of the 20th Divisional Artillery, 1914-1919

29th Divisional Artillery War Record and Honours Book 1915-1918

Brief History of 31st Divisional Artillery (officers only listed)

History of the 33rd Divisional Artillery in the War, 1914-1918

A Short History of the 39th (Deptford) Divisional Artillery 1915-1918

War Services of the 62nd West Riding Divisional Artillery

Royal Field Artillery Brigades

The War History of the 1st Northumbrian Brigade, RFA TF

War Diary of the 1st West Lancashire Brigade, RFA

A Short History of the 1st West Lancashire Artillery Brigade

Kamp News, 1915-1918 (3rd West Lancashire Brigade, RFA TF

Hertfordshire Yeomanry and Artillery Honours and Awards (4 E Anglican Bde, RFA TF)

Lewisham Gunners (4th Lond Howitzer Bde, RFA)

London Gunners Come to Town (5, 6, 7, and 8 London Brigades, RFA TF)

Short Record of War Services of the 7th London Brigade, RFA TF

25th Brigade Ammunition Column War Diary (1914)

Roll of Honour and Casualties and List of Officers who have served with 75th Brigade, RFA, 24

August to 11 November 1918.

Push and Return Push (82 Brigade, RFA

The Raising of the 157th Brigade (City of Aberdeen), RFA TF

The History of the Locally Raised 160th Wearside Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

Exploits and Escapades, Brief History of happenings of the 3rd Staffs Battery, RFA

Before the Echoes Die Away (242 Bde, RFA, 5th Warsickshire (How) Battery)

The Story of the Monmouthshire Volunteer Artillery (266 Bde, RFA TF)

Diex Aix: God Help Us (9 Divisional Ammunition Column, RFA)

Royal Field Artillery Batteries

2nd City of Edinburgh Battery, RFA, 1914-1918

Record of the 3rd Devonshire Battery (Tavistock), 4th Wessex Bde, RFA TF, The Great War,


Third Durham Volunteer Artillery (4th Durham Battery, RFA TF)

The Battery Book (1/6 Hants Battery, RFA TF)

The History of Strange’s Battery, Royal Artillery (8th Battery, RFA)

27th Battery, RFA, 1914-1919

The History of A Battery, 84th Brigade, RFA 1914-1919

Field Guns in France (D/151; A/150 Batteries, RFA)

The Long March, Story of “The Devils Own”, B/210 Burnley Battery, RFA 1914-1919

Over There, Commemorative History of the Old Leak Battery, 1908-1919 (C/231, RFA)

An Australian in the RFA (D/242, RFA

A Record of D245 Battery, 1914-1919

History of the Yarmouth Battery, 1569-1926 (A/270, A/264, A/272 Batteries, RFA)Romford to

Beirut via France, Egypt and Jericho (B/271, RFA)

Royal Horse Artillery Brigades and Batteries

History of the 1/1st Hants Royal Horse Artillery during the Great War, 1914-1919

Shropshire Royal Horse Artillery, 1912-1918

The War Diary of “E” Battery, Royal Horse Artillery, 5th Aug. 1914-31st Oct. 1919

The Story of “F” Troop, Royal Horse Artillery (F Bty, RHA)

Some Pages from the History of “Q” Battery, RHA in the Great War

Royal Garrison Artillery Brigades

The 25th Army Brigade, RGA on the Western Front in 1918

61, How Some Wheels Went Round (61 Heavy Artillery Group, RGA)

History of the 77th Bde, RGA, France 1916-19

Nine Days: Adventures of a Heavy Artillery Brigade of the Third Army during the German

Offensive of March 21-29, 1918 (90 Brigade, RGA)

Heavy Batteries, RGA

9 Heavy Battery, RGA, 1914-1919

War Diary and Roll of Honour, 14th Heavy Battery, RGA in France, Belgium, Germany

With the Heavies in Flanders (24 Heavy Battery, RGA)

Dads Diary, A Gunners Experience in War, 1914-1918 (121 Heavy Battery, RGA)

126 Heavy Battery, RGA, 1915-1919

The Hampstead Heavies (138 Heavy Battery, RGA)

Diary of 144th (York) Heavy Battery, RGA, 1915-1919

Siege Batteries, RGA

The Eleventh Siege Battery, RGA, 1914-1918

Notes of History of 19th Siege Battery, RGA

20th Siege Battery, RGA, BEF, France and Flanders, 20th June 1915-11th November 1918

27th Siege Battery, RGA, BEF, France and Flanders, 5 Sept 1915 to 15 Apr 1919.

Memoirs of 42 Siege Battery, RGA, 1914-1918

52 Siege Battery, RGA, August 1915-August 1919

A Short History of the 72nd (South African) Siege Battery

The History of 76 Siege Battery, RGA

History of 81 Siege Battery, RGA

History of the 91st (Siege) Battery, RGA, December 1915 to 11 November 1918

Siege Battery 94 During the World War, 1914-1918

Occasional Gunfire, Private War Diary of a Siege Gunner (118 Siege Battery, RGA)

126th Heavy Battery, RGA 1915-1919

History of the 135th Siege Battery, RGA

144th Siege Battery, R. G. A.

A History of 154 Siege Battery, RGA, France 1916-19

Nominal Roll of 170th Siege Battery, RGA

178 Siege Battery, R. G. A., B. E. F. France

“Two Eleven,” Being the History of 211 Siege Battery, R. G. A. on the Western Front

220th Siege Battery, R. G. A.

“228”, The History of a Siege Battery during the Great War

History of 250 Siege Battery, R.G.A.

With a Siege Battery in France, 303 Siege Battery, RGA

London Gunners (309 (Hon Arty Co) Siege Battery, RGA)

The Honourable Artillery Company in the Great War

332 Siege Battery, R.G.A.

The Record of 355 Siege Battery

A Short Record of the 359th Siege Battery RGA

Canadian Field Artillery

Gun-Fire, An Historical Narrative of the 4th Brigade, CFA

NREF, 16th Brigade, C.F.A.

The Battery, The History of 10th (St. Catherines) Field Battery, RCA (10 Bty, CFA)

The Diary of the 13th Battery, Canadian Field Artillery 1914-1919

Battery Action! The Story of the 43rd Battery, CFA

The History of the Fifty-Fifth Battery, CFA

The 60th C. F. A. Battery Book, 1916-1919

The Story of the Sixty-Sixth C. F. A. (66 Bty, CFA)

Second Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column and Its Part in the Great World War

Canadian Siege Artillery

The Seventh (7 Siege Battery, CGA)

War Diary, 10th Canadian Siege Battery, 1917-1919

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Guest birdflightless

Hi rflory,

When time allows, I would appreciate a look up as to what the 5th Divisional Artillery were up to on and around the 24th April 1915.

Thanks in advance


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What a library! Oh I can only dream....

Have a few names for you, and would be grateful if you might have something on these artillery men:

Thanks, again for this kind offer!


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Stewart: According to the "Narrative of the 5th Divisional Artillery , 1914-18: "Early in April the Division was relieved by the 46th Division, and marched via Renninghelst to Ypres, where they took over the front Hill 60- Polygon Wood from the 28th Division, which side-slipped to the North the artillery taking up positions as follows:

27th Brigade, RFA (right) about Kruistraat

28th Brigade, RFA (centre) about Zillebeke Lake

15th Brigade, RFA (left) East of Ypres

37th and 67th Batteries working with the 27th Division.

The Divisional Artillery Headquarters were with the Division 2 kilometers west or Ypres"

The brigades of the 5th Divisional Artillery remained in these positions through April but by 23 April 1915 (the first day of the Second Battle of Ypres) the Divisional Artillery Headquarters had moved to Renninghelst, out of telephone communications with the brigades.

Regards. Dick Flory

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Bob: Sorry, nothing on the 280th Siege Battery, RGA. Regards. Dick

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Would you please check the whereabouts of the 2nd Division Ammunition Column, Canadian Field Artillery, on March 25th 1917. I am researching Gunner William Mervyn Montague Vere Coren Richardson who was killed that day and is buried in Ecoivres Military Cemetery. He is the third Canadian soldier that I have found listed on the Rhayader Memorial.



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Would you please check the whereabouts of the 2nd Division Ammunition Column, Canadian Field Artillery, on March 25th 1917. I am researching Gunner William Mervyn Montague Vere Coren Richardson who was killed that day and is buried in Ecoivres Military Cemetery.

Myrtle: Nothing in the "Second Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column and Its Part in the Great War of 1914-1918" about 25 March 1917, but I think the following passage for 24 March will answer your question: "On the 24th March, Headquarters and Nos. 1, 2 and 3 Sections moved from Gauchin le Gal to an open field at X.25.d near Mont St. Eloy, where No. 4 Section was already camped. Only one Nissen Hut was available, so considerable rustling had to be done. Tarpualins and wagon covers seemed to spring from nowhere and within two days the slope of the Mont St. Eloy hill was the home of some 600 men and 650 animals."

That said I have some comments:

The 2nd Can DAC has a very detailed list of casualties for each month and Richardson is not listed as a casualty for March 1917; in fact he is not listed in the list of casualties in their roll of honor. He also is not listed under the 2nd DAC or any other CFA unit in "Casualties, Canadian Expeditionary Force, March 1st to 31st, 1917" which was published monthly in "Militia Orders."

He is listed as killed in the "Canadian Book of Remembrance" but as a Driver, rather than a Gunner.

I am not sure what to make of all of this. Regards. Dick

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If there's any mention of the home stations (drill halls) of the Territorials or Volunteers, I'd be grateful.....

Graeme: It is given for some of them but it would take some time to wade through all of the unit histories to obtain this information. Are you aware that the Monthly Army Lists gives this information for each territorial unit up through at least March 1915? Regards. Dick Flory

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Thank you very much for checking on Canadian Field Artillery 2nd Div. movements. It is strange that there is no mention of Richardson in the other sources. He is listed on CWGC and his attestation papers are now available on-line at the Canadian Archives. I came across him being listed as a driver somewhere but more than once he is listed as a gunner. His attestation papers are signed W. Mervyn Richardson, therefore indicating that he used Mervyn as his Christian name. I don't know if this makes any difference. A mystery !?

Another detail mentioned on the attestation papers reads that he served with 6th D.C.O.R.(?) for 2 months prior to joining the CFA.



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Guest Steve Seaman

Hi rflory,

What a fantastic collection.

I know this is a long shot but in your research have you ever come across the name Dvr 41102 John Valentine Harry GILL RFA.He was my grandfather who enlisted in London in 1915 and served mainly in Belgium.He survived the war.I have been to the PRO but was unsuccessful.

As i say i know its along shot but I'd thought I'd ask anyway.



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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest jamesoldforge

Hi there,

I am interested in the 27th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison history 1914-18.

we are doing an article for our Village(Wilmington in Devon) about the village school history, and we wish this to include those ex-pupils who went to war and did not return. One who we can get little knowledge of, other than that from the War Graves Commission, is Gunner L.B.Snell, who died on 25th February 1918. Would like some history of his unit, the 27th siege batt. if at all possible.

Thank you for keeping the memories alive, so much is being lost.


Jim Hudson

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Hi Dick,

One of the men from my local memorial was Gunner 108053 Herbert Sutcliffe, who served with 200th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery. He had only been over in France for about 5 weeks, when he was killed by a shell on Tuesday 6th February 1917.

Please could i kindly trouble you to see if there was anything mentioned for that day & if possible any background regarding the Battery & in particular the five weeks during his short time in France.

In the Newspaper obituary it prints a letter from his Commanding Officer H. Laburn, do you have any details of this officer or maybe a picture?

As ever, i am grateful for your time and research.



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Guest alison300


Have you any history of the 22nd Battery Royal Field Artillery, 84th Bridage Field Artillery.

I am trying to find out any information about my great grandad who was in that regiment.

Many thanks :D

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Hi, i recently came across a small box of war medals from both the Fisrt and Second World Wars in my late Fathers home, of which i knew nothing about. As i had a passing interest in the wars (and time on my hands) i decided to see if i could find any information on the men involved, which led me to this site. I soon realised that i knew next to nothing of the Wars at all and i've been totally absorbed by all the information contained here. Reading some of the diaries and stories, and in particular the nearly endless lists of names and ages of young men that died has been an incredibly emotional experiance for me. The few personal details i now have about my Great-Grandad, Serjeant C.S.Sinclair have brought me closer to a man i never met, but more so, has opened my eyes to a catastrophic period of our history, which to my generation (or at least anyone ive known) seems to be completly unknown or forgotten.

After much reading i realise that its unlikly that i will find much more additional information on my Great-Grandad as an individual, due to his rank and being in the Artillery (i read the Artillery's files were destroyed WWII?) but im wondering if any more information is available on his units actions and movements, particulaly around the time of his death, 29/06/1916.

Unfortunatly its my Grandads funeral today, Son of C.S.Sinclair, so a valuable link has been lost. I think that the contrast between the short life of C.S.Sinclair and the long and happy 90 years of his Son, my Grandad, has helped me accept his passing this week.

The information i have today is ...

Serjeant C.S.Sinclair 32759 126th Bty Royal Field Artillery XXIX

Died age 25 on 29/06/1916

Husband of Mrs M L Webb, living at 20 Floyd Road, Charlton, London

Now at rest in Sucrerie Military Cemetary, Collingcamps - Grave I-C-5

I would like to thank the operators of this excellent site for providing such valuable information and offering a window into an era of our Country and the Men of my age that fought and died for it.


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Hi K Baker,

The picture of Sergeant C S Sinclair RFA that you tried out on "A place to Play" appears to be that of a 2nd Lieutenant.

SDGW details for CS Sinclair

32759 Sergeant Cecil Stanley Sinclair


Died of Wounds, France & Flanders 29/06/1916

Born Woolwich

Enlisted London


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Thanks for that Steve, i have a few questions about the uniform but ill ask them in the uniforms section. Also thanks for supplying his full name, i hadnt had that confirmed yet! Cheers


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I see that you have something on the 228th Siege Bty.

Thetford Grammar School master Second Lieutenant Ernest Edward Thompson died with this unit on 16/10/18. I'd be grateful for anything you can find on him or the unit's activities at that time.

As always most grateful for any help with this project.

Best wishes,


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Thetford Grammar School master Second Lieutenant Ernest Edward Thompson died with this unit on 16/10/18. I'd be grateful for anything you can find on him or the unit's activities at that time.

2nd Lieut. Ernest Edward Thompson joined the 228th Siege Battery on 2 October 1918 and a fortnight later was killed in action. The Battery's unit history records the following for the day of his death:

"On Oct . 16th Lieut. Thompson was killed. Five of us, the Officer Commanding, Lieut Thompson and Hughes (?) and two Battery Commander's Assistants were standing round the centre pole of a small dug-out in the bank of a sunken road near the battery. A shell exploded in the road outside and a splinter struck him in the head. He was killed instantaneously; one other was slightly wounded. The two BCAs left that evening with shell-shock."

Educated at St. John's College, University of Cambridge in 1903.

Sources: "228". The history of a siege battery during the Great War; War List of the University of Cambridge, 1914-1919.

Regards. Dick Flory

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everyone,

this really is a longshot and a prize goes to the winner!!!!

LEONARD VICTOR DAVIDSON b. 1894 in Camberwell. Royal Field Artillery. And that is all I know. I have no access to Kew as I am in Canada. Where do I start? This board is truly great, I have spent more time here the last few weeks that anywhere else. Thanks so very much.

All my family has passed on, so noone know anything about my grandad!




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Hi Dick

Do you have anything on the following 2 men or the whereabouts of their units at the time of their deaths - both with the Royal Garrison Artillery

Gunner Gordon Parnall Kemp

of the 186th Siege Battery

died 26 September 1917


Serjeant Francis Albert Hawes

HQ IV Corps Heavy Artillery

died 11 July 1916



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I was interested to see that you have a history of the Monmouthshire Volunteer Artillery. My great grandfather joined that unit in 1900. I understand that it became 4th Welsh Bde in the 53rd Welsh Div in 1908. From 1914 he was apptd Staff Capt in 53rd Div Arty, then var other appointments and finally CO C/265 being disembodied in July 1919. Your title has 266 so I'm not yet sure how it all works, I need to do some more homework.

I know there is a history of the 53rd Div but I'd be grateful if you could give me the full details of the MVA book, I'll try to look it up here somewhere (eg IWM or BL).

I've been working on my grandfather's papers so much that I have not properly started on gt gfather's.



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