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Where is the Hindenburg Line?


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At the fear of asking a weak question can any forum users point me in the direction for finding hubs of cemeteries on and around the Hindenburg Line?



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Yo Glenn


Nice one he !

say.... thank you "Assosiation Patrimoine de la Grande Guerre "

I do some work with that group ,

Great enthusiastic organization ,

and they have quite some battlefields in the Oise area ,

I have been often amazed , and i love the field trips they organise !

enjoy .



Hindenburg line :lol:<_<

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please be aware that there is a difference between the 'Hindenburg Line', called by the Germans Siegfriedstellung, and the 'Hindenburgstellung' which was in fact the German frontline trenches in 1917.

In Flanders you had: Hindenburgstellung - Albrechtstellung - Wilhelmstellung - Flandernstellung.


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