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Regiment # 736445


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Hi all,

Its been a while since I logged on, but have occassionally done so since my last posting. I recently contacted the National Army Museum to see if they might help in my search of identifying the elephant enscribed with a regiment number 736445.

I knew it belonged to a relative as it had been passed down from my grandmother: Annie Reed. I have now got a little more information provided by the the National Army Museum - they say:

That "the five digit number could only date from the end of the first world war onwards. It denotes the Royal Army Service Corps post - 1920 or possibly a Territorial Army unit c1917-1918: there were a lot of the latter in India during WWI releasing regular units for active service elsewhere".

So I had a look at my family tree to see how this might have been passed down to my grandmother. The only likely timeframe for WWI service on my mothers side of the family would have been my grandmother's husband Robert David Matchett. One of his brothers was a casualty of WWI - Leonard James Matchett (NZ) died 21 years. Other family members may also have served during this time including - George, James or Percy Matchett.

Any information on the Royal Army Service Corps post - 1920 or the Territorial Army unit c1917-1918 or recomendations of books on the subject would be much appreciated.

Look forward to any comments anyone may have.

Cheers JM Cooke :wub:

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the series of numbers around 736445 as per your post is not post war and in general seems to include

Royal field artillery

Lanarkshire Yeomanry

Canadian Infantry battalion

I think 6 figure numbers are territorial from 1917 ish

5 figure numbers are in general new army

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