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Have just come across this thread and it is fantastic, and something I will thoroughly go through this evening,as a collector to the 38th RFA (W prefix)


I currently have in my collection a 14/15 trio to a Gnr J Crook W/3070 who was awarded a DCM Citation for actions at Mametz (picture below of the article).


A question was posed to me today and I'm hoping some Mametz experts may know the answer. Is there a list of the amount of Military Medals awarded to individuals of the 38th RFA for actions at Mametz? I am aware of one at the moment.


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There is a mix of cap badges in the photograph but most of them appear to be Welsh Regiment.  The Regiment's 10th battalion was in Rhyl up to August 1915 and were part of 114th Brigade. You will find a little more about the battalion here http://www.longlongtrail.co.uk/army/regiments-and-corps/the-british-infantry-regiments-of-1914-1918/welsh-regiment/.  There is a medal record and a very limited surviving service record for a Sjt William Eddy of the Welsh Regiment but he earned his WW1 medals in the 13th battalion.  Possibly he transferred to the 13th battalion before he went to France. Both battalions were in 114th Brigade. The surviving service record is just a medical history sheet but that gives his age in 1918 as 36. Does that match your great grand father's age?


Oops I just noticed I am commenting on a photograph posted 3 years ago by somebody not seen since then.


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Was the first attack on Mametz Wood by the Welsh Regiments 7. 7. 1916. ?.  What was the date for the last K.I.A.  for this battle. ?.   Lyn.

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IIRC, yes, there was an attack by the 16 (Cardiff) battalion of the Welsh with one South Wales Borderers battalion on 7 July. The attack failed. Another attack planned for 9 July was cancelled due to the units not being ready, the trenches being congested with men, wounded etc. 


It went in on 10 July and, IIRC, the bulk of the fighting was over by 12 July. 


As an aside, I'm pretty certain that one Swansea lad who was wounded in the wood died in 1921, never having made a full recovery.



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