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Remembered Today:

Brian Gabriel Rowley, Indian Army

David Seymour

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I'd be grateful for some help on locating Brian's personnel file. Does the fact that he transferred from the Dorsets to the Indian Army make such a search difficult?

"Medal card of Rowley, Bran Gabriel

Dorsetshire Regiment Second Lieutenant

Punjabis Acting Captain

Indian Army Lieutenant"

Many thanks for any help.

Best wishes,


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Sounds like he was Indian Army Reserve of Officers. Many British soldiers with Indian connections were given Indian commissions.

There should be a file at the India Office Library (20 years ago I used to get these through Judith Farrington, whose husband was in charge there.)

I see things have changed. Here is where they are now:http://www.bl.uk/collections/orientaloffice.html

And I fancy this would be of use: http://catalogue.bl.uk/F/?func=full-set-se...&format=999

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This is what I found in the Gazette by searching his full name:


The undermentioned to be temporary

Second Lieutenants: —

Dated 29th October, 1914.

Brian Gabriel Rowley.


The KING has approved the admission of

the undermentioned officers to the Indian

Army on probation: —

To be Lieutenants.

Lieutenant Brian Gabriel Rowley, 6th Battalion,

The Dorsetshire Regiment, attached

21st Punjabis. Dated 20th August, 1917,

but to rank from the 28th July, 1916.


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The 1919 Indian Army List shows him with the 1/21st Punjabis (attached) so he wasn't IARO.

First commissioned 28 July 1915.

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Hi David,

We did exactly what you are doing, with my father in law a couple of years ago, and eventually found his file at the India Office. They had been reorganising their system and couldn't find it for months, so when it came to light they posted a copy to us free :) . They were very friendly and helpful. We found the file more a discussion of his final pension arrangments than interesting details of what he had actually done, nevertheless it was a worthwhile exercise.



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Thanks for the additonal information, Michael. Looks like I don't need the India Office records. Glad your experience of them was good, Shirley.

Best wishes,


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Never assume - you never know what you get if you ask .. alas the old India Office files I suspect in your case will be no good - he went back the other way:

From the Jan 1933 Army List:


Rowley, Brian Gabriel

Born 24/6/1897

In ranks 52 days (temp 2/Lt 29/10/14 to 16/2/16; temp Lt 17/2/16 to 19/8/17) Army Lt 28/7/16

I.A. Lt 20/8/17, Capt 28/7/19

Royal Signals Capt 6/10/26 (senority from 28/7/19) Major 20/11/32

1914-21 France & Belgium 12/7/15 to 29/5/17.

E.E.F. 5/3/18 to 31/10/18. 1914-15 star, BW & VM

A few more points: Comissioned into the 6th Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment in 1914

Commanadant, Army School of Signals, India Nov 1935- March 1938

Lt-Col before April 1941, Retired March 1947 Lt-Col, Honorary Colonel.

Hope that helps,



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Thank you very much. That helps a great deal!!! Very kind of you to go to so much trouble. Much appreciated.

With best wishes,


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