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Five red chevrons, What for?

Guest JulieG

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We have a strip of material with five red chevrons, possibly from my Gt Uncle who served in France from 1914 until his death in 1916. What were they for?

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Without actually seeing them, it's difficult to say, but they sound to me very much like the WW2 issue "Service Chevrons", indicating 5 years service in a theatre of war. They were worn "point upwards" on the lower right hand sleeve.

Similar to the WW1 variety (about which, there've been a couple of threads recently), the main differences are that WW1 chevrons were more obviously "woven" or "embroidered" and were blue (apart from the red 1914 chevron). WW2 patterns are all red and have a "flatter" texture.


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Agree with Croonaert; five RED stripes are the WW2 equivalent of the WW1 service chevrons. They were (mostly) printed on canvas rather than embroidered. They've no connection to WW1 and will not be his. He also will not have worn the WW1 versions either as they were not issued until 1918, when he was sadly long gone.

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