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Remembered Today:

Airship crew. C26 & C8

Alan Peacock

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Can anyone give the names of the missing crew members of Airship C26

interned in Holland after a forced landing due to bad weather ?

1. H. Dobell

2. G.C.C. Kilburn

3. H.E.C. Plowden

4. ?

5. ?

Also can anyone provide the missing name of the crew member of Airship C8

which ditched in the sea on 09.06.1916 ?

1. C.W. Dickinson

2. A.B. Ames

3. G. Palmer

4. ? (wireless operator)



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Guest Martyn Doggrell

Dear Alan,

G.C.C. Kilburn was my grandfather. I will try to find some old photos of what I presume is the C26 crew you have mentioned, hopefully there might be some names on the back.

I would be very interested & grateful if you could fill me in on any information regarding my grandfather's airship experience's. As a child I did try to question him, but he was quite adept at side-stepping my interest.

Kind regards,

Martyn Doggrell.


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Dear Martyn,

I thought the C-26 went on her own on drift without crew, buts a long while I was involved with British airship history!

I know it stranded on a roof at Eemnes -Holland. have seen at the time a picture of it published into a WWI-paper.

But notice as member of the AHT, I know they would be very interested there into your photos!

You can contact them at www.airshipsonline.com!

Maybe also some people overthere could maybe be of help with the identification of crews or know more about crewmembers on british airships ?

Also poeple who have the names of crews on each airship might be welcomed overthere ?

It's not vecause they are specialised into the British Airship History, they know also everything about !

People who are specialised into these matters, their knowledges are also of value to them!

They have a memberships magazine , "DIRIGIBLE" and contributions on British airships,on crewmembers and so on, are very welcomed! Of big value!

Especially photos as you have!


Jempie (Belgian member)

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oh! By the way !

Do you have any information perhaps , where he was interned in Holland?

There is also a Belgian-Dutch website , in Dutch, but you can also ask there eventually for info about in English.

There is even a special thread section for people who wishes to contact them into a foreign language or eventually mail it to the thread "luchtoorlog" (=air war)


They know a lot about "interned civils and military personnel"!

Might be they could eventually give you info where he was interned too!

It was allowed to the interned people to have correspondence with the homefront!

Also overthere photos from interned people are welcomed too!



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