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Lanfranc hospital ship painting(s) on eBa yand elsewhere

John Gilinsky

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About 1 year ago I acquired an oil painting depicting the hospital ship Lanfranc (sunk in spring 1917) on eBay. Since then I have seen a German eBayer offer what appears to be a reverse image based painting of the same ship. Has anyone seen on eBay at different times and especially if the item SOLD listings for such a painting? Does anyone have information or documentation of any kind that would shed light either on authenticating or bringing to light the fact that my painting may be a copy or modern copy even of an older painting?



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I was attempting to send you a message regarding your Lanfranc painting but the forum won't let me for some reason. Can you send me a message to see if I can receive?

My Great Uncle served with the PPCLI and was on the Lanfranc when it was sunk. I have a couple of questions for you about your painting.

Rob Bryan

Is this the e-bay painting that you were talking about?

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