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Stephen White

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i've already posted a similar query on "SOLDIERS" a couple of weeks ago.can anyone confirm for me that my late grandmothers uncle was in the dragoon guards.attatched is a head shot of him showing his cap badge.it's not very clear,but you can make out the general shape.also attatched is a photograph of the regimental cap badge for comparison.i suspect he was in the 7th (Princess royals) dragoon guards,am i right. STEVEN :unsure:


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CONFIRMATION !! don't know why i didn't do it sooner,but i sent this query to the regimental museum along with a full length picture.they have confirmed that he was indeed in the 7th (princess royals) dragoon guards.some mystery over the number written on the back of the photo though.they used four digit regimental numbers pre and at the start of WW1.the number on the back of the photo is 81437 (god knows what it could be). especially as when you look elsewhere on the forum,the stripes on his left arm suggest service of between 6 and 11 years.either figure is longer than WW1 itself !!. so as usual one question answered yet two or more now to answer. Steven :unsure:

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