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Remembered Today:

looking for information on Geert Zwier Egbers

Christina Holstein

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I received this request today from Jim Egbers and am hoping that Pals can help with advice on how Jim can identify his grandfather's unit. This is the request:

"I hope that you can help me, I have been conducting some research

attempting to identify my grandfather's regiment or division unit

number. He served in the German Imperial Army from 1917 to the end of

the war in 1918.

We know that he served in Northern France and assigned to a Heavy

Artillery unit. He would have been (recruited) from the 10th Amy Corp

District as he lived in Scheerhorn , Germany in the area known today as


My grandfather's name: Geert Zwier Egbers

Date of Birth May 28, 1899

Place of Birth Veldhausen, Germany"

If anyone can help, his email address is: jamesegg@bellsouth.net I'll tell him that I've posted the request here, so he can check it for himself too.

Hope you're all enjoying Sunday round the world,


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I'm afraid this information is not enough to have any idea about a possible unit. There were an incredible number of heavy artillery units in the German Army and the recruits weren't always posted to a unit that was raised in their Army Corps area.

Does the man have anything from his grandfather, pictures, letters etc.?


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