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Remembered Today:

history of 91st Siege battery 1915- 1918


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anybody got it?

anybody know where to get it?

anybody wanna sell it?

anybody know anyone who might be any of the above...???

I'm struggling with this one!! :wacko: my gt uncle served with this battery and was killed in 1918..this publication is the last piece i need in the jigsaw

all the best!!

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Chris, have sent you a pm. But in case you don't pick it up.

Onto NA site last night trawling endless pages of War Diaries. Eventually found something to do with 91st Siege. (WO/477 I seem to remember)

Now await the download via email (should be here by 17.00 hrs this pm).

Will send on to you what I receive. (if you send me your email address via pm if you like).....

Hopefully, happy ending to happy hunting.


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  • 2 weeks later...

A quick update.

Ordered and received first 10 pages of this from NA.

Sent for an estimate for the rest:

Received Friday, by email:

Estimated cost of providing copies of rest of this: £240.00

Just as well have ordered copies of the 56 page book from Firepower for £12.00.

Good old Royal Artillery Museum, Woolwich.

Needless to say - won't be taking up NA kind offer to provide copies !!


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