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12 Bn DLI / 6 Bn South Lancs

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My soldier who went to France in August 1915 with 12th Bn DLI, 68th Bde, 23 Div (Bn moved to Italy in Nov 1917) later served with 6th Bn S Lancs, 38th Bde, 13 Div.

The later left England for Gallipoli in August 1915 then Egypt then Mesopotamia

Can anyone suggest how he made the leap! It doesn't seem to make administerative sense - it wasn't as if the formations were working alongside each other.

Grateful for any ideas


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Tony, do you have a date when your man transferred? May we ask who he was?

The simplest explanation is that your man was wounded, repatriated to hospital in UK, recovered, and was drafted as a reinforcement to Mesopotamia.

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Thank you for the reply.

He was 18220 ACpl John Downey. His number in the S Lancs was 36925. I don't know when he transfered. He was a Class Z Reservist on 2 April 1919. Have not been able to find his service papers.



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