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Band Sgt Unit ID- Indian reg't?


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Here is another photo of a Band Sgt in what I think ight be an India Unit, probably pre WWI period. Phot was taken in Darjeeling, India.

He wears no specific unit insignia, but I thought one of our readers might be able to ID the unit from the uniform he is wearing. I was told that the uniform might be of the Viceroy's of India's Band, but of this I am unsure.

Thanks in advacne,



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Thanks langley for your input.

I have several of these lyre badges but I was not aware that certain kinds were for specific regiments. Also this is the first time I have ever seen the lyre badge superimposed over the rank chevrons, its always above the chevrons in other photos I have.

Would anyone know if there is a reason why the lyre badge is worn in this fashion??

I dont know that this is an Artillery uniform tho, but then I know virtually nothing about Regimental uniforms in India at this time period. I was told it was the uniform of the Viceroy of India's Band.


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