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training camp at Ipswich.


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Anyone know much about the former training camp for the artillery in Ipswich ...apparently, from my Gt Uncles letters, the address of his billet was at 27 Alan Rd. Id love to know the history of this address and where the training camp was situated. I know he went to a place in Felixstowe for rifle practice too. He was there for rifle training during August 1915. From there, the 2nd Londoners (Royal Fusiliers) were draughted with the BEF from Southampton...and his next letters were from No1 Territorial Base, Rouen, France, so again, if anyone has any information about the base....would be fascinating to hear. (See document repository, war diaries to read his letters home).

Alison Fraser

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Allison just a quick one, as a kid my uncle worked on the docks in Felixstowe and he's house was on the sea front next to an old abandoned fort, which was used as a training camp in ww1 and a gun battery in ww11.

The sand dunes were littered with spent cartridges, and i can even remember finding a live grenade which was left alone of course. :wacko:

My cousin took me into the fort which was supposed to be secured, where there were beds ands lockers still in situe, i can remember a store cupboard where there were hundreds of pairs of gaiters and the odd pair of army boots, trousers,belts and all sorts of webbing.

My cousin still lives there now, and i understand it is now is now a museum and open to the public after some restoration to the premises.

I plan to visit it again soon so i will get you pictures etc as this must be the place you are talking about.

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This is the web link to Landguard fort, just up the road from me and its worth a visit.




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